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Meta Unit

This unit is currently in the meta, which means they are the one of the best and most effective units in the game.

Eren is good for all modes other than elemental infinite mode and air infinite mode (his ability is good for air infinite mode though.)


Airren (Final) is a 6-star ground unit based on Eren Yeager from the Attack on Titan series, after obtaining the powers of the War Hammer Titan and using the founding titan.

His 5-star variant, Airren, can be evolved using these units:

Required units: x6 Airren x2 Giant II x2 Giant III x2 Giant IV x2 Giant V x2 Hammer Giant
Airren (Final)

Stats overview

Level 1 - Active
Level 175

Deployment -Cash.png1,750

  • Tower Type: Ground, AoE (Circle)
  • Damage: 3,845
  • Range: 75
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 496.13

Upgrade 1 -Cash.png4,000

  • Damage: 11,535
  • Range: 75
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 1,488.39

Upgrade 2 -Cash.png4,000

  • Damage: 19,235
  • Range: 75
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 2,481.94
  • +Spike Attack

Upgrade 3 -Cash.png4,000

  • Damage: 26,895
  • Range: 85
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 3,470.32

Upgrade 4 -Cash.png4,250

  • Damage: 34,785
  • Range: 85
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 4,488.39

Upgrade 5 -Cash.png4,500

  • Damage: 42,565
  • Range: 90
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 5,492.26
  • +Giant SPIKES!

Upgrade 6 -Cash.png5,000

  • Damage: 50,415
  • Range: 90
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 6,505.16

Upgrade 7 -Cash.png5,000

  • Damage: 58,415
  • Range: 90
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 7,537.42
  • +The March!

Upgrade 8 -Cash.png5,000

  • Damage: 66,315
  • Range: 90
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 8,556.77

Upgrade 9 -Cash.png500,000

  • Damage: 186,315
  • Range: 90
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 24,040.65

Upgrade 10 -Cash.png700,000

  • Damage: 386,315
  • Range: 90
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 49,847.1

Upgrade 11 -Cash.png900,000

  • Damage: 686,315
  • Range: 90
  • SPA: 7.75
  • DPS: 88,556.77
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The March!

Airren Eren S4 amongus ability.jpg

The March! is Airren's ability that will show up on upgrades 7 and higher. This ability requires Nominated Monster Giant placed anywhere on the map regardless of who placed it. Once activated, a short cutscene referencing the Attack On Titan anime will play out, in which Airren's head will be shot off at the neck and Nominated Monster Giant manages to catch it before it touches the ground, allowing Airren to use the Founding Titan and activate The Rumbling. During The Rumbling, a lot of Wall Titans and Airren's Founding Titan will spawn at the base and slowly march across the entire map. Any enemy troops coming into contact with Airren or any of the Colossal Titans will be dealt ~11.05% of Airren's current damage every third of a second until the ability ends. The Rumbling lasts ~42 seconds and has a 13 minute cooldown (780 seconds) but it is not global. You still have to wait until the current Rumblng ends before using another one, making it the only ability where how often you can use it varies across different maps.


  • Only one player needs to bring Nominated Monster Giant to initiate The Rumbling (Not necessarily the owner of the Airren himself). Coordinate with your teammates!
  • Airren can be sold, meaning The Rumbling can theoretically be used infinite times.
  • The damage done by the Rumbling doesn't change after activation. Get your Onwin buffs in before triggering the cutscene!
  • You don't need to max Nominated Monster Giant to start the rumbling. It will work even without upgrades!


Troops sell for half their cost of deployment plus upgrades.


  • Airren (Final)'s Killer Giant model is wearing black pants in-game while it normally does not wear any pants in the series. The change was probably made because nudity will break Roblox's ToS and get the game banned.
  • Airren (Final) was the second unit added to the game to have their own cutscene, the first being ZIO (ASCENDED) with his Ultimate TS, and the third being The Pharaoh after drawing all 5 of the Exodia, The Forbidden One cards, and the fourth being Zero with his Global: Zero.
  • Airren (Final) was the third 6 star added to the game based on a character from Attack on Titan, second being Akasa (TS), and first being Lex (RAGE). He is also the only one who doesn't inflict bleed damage.
  • As stated by Madao, it's theoretically possible for The Rumbling to do Infinite Damage on a never-ending map.
  • The Rumbling doesn't have any global cooldown, however it can't be used by any player until the previous one is over.
  • The Rumbling has the longest cooldown of any ability, but what sets it apart from Kura is the fact that Airren can be sold and replaced.
  • Airren arguably has the hardest evolution requirements out of all units due to needing eight 5 stars (though two of those are Raid rewards) and 8 fodder units of varying rarity, as well as requiring access to Banners Y or Z and beating Raid 2.
  • On 3/18/2022, Airren (Final)'s enchant changed to a Dark enchant from the Nature enchant.
  • Despite there being an already existing Hammer Giant Airren model in-game used for the dialogue of Raid 2, that model is never used for this version of Airren. This is most likely due to to Raid 2 Eren only having the War Hammer Titan and Attack Titan abilities whilst the 6-star Eren has both Titans but with the inclusion of the Founding Titan.
  • The Rumbling can not be used in PvP.
  • Airren (Final) is the only unit who uses a fodder unit from a raid to be obtained.
  • Airren(Final) was once on Banner Z because of a mistake the day he was released.


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