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Bleeding is an effect that adds on extra damage to an enemy after it is attacked for a period of time. Bleeding enemies can be identified by blood droplets spurting out from them whilst the effect lasts. The extra bleeding damage is equal to the damage of the initial hit that applied the effect. Bleeding damage is applied every two seconds, and lasts for 8 seconds, so enemies take an additional x4 damage effectively. Bleeding effect can only be applied once at a time to an enemy, however once the effect has worn off, it can be applied again on a following successful hit. A bleeding effect can stack with burn, poison, or Black Flames.

For maximizing the amount of enemies bleed is applied to, it is best to stagger units along the path and set their priority to 'Strongest'.

List of units that cause bleeding

One further unit needs to be mentioned, namely Nezichi, who needs to be paired with a bleeding unit as she can only deal damage to units under the bleeding effect.