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The Fire Rage Orb


Challenge 1 is the first Challenge of 3 other challenges. It was first added in Update 14 and is based on Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train. The objective of the challenge is to defeat Enmu (Lower Moon 1) and Akaza (Upper Moon III). If Challenge 1 is completed, the player will receive the Fire Rage Orb.

Players must be level 75 to get access to this challenge.

Unlike most Trials and Raids, there is an additional challenge, which is that all non-Demon Slayer characters (excluding a select few additional characters) are put to sleep for 350 seconds and cannot do anything when the Demon Hand boss appears every wave except wave 16. When the Demon Hand boss appears, the stun effect cannot be prevented, and will only wear off 350 seconds after the boss is killed. To circumvent the sleep effect, you are able to sell and resell your units which are asleep in order to wake them up (after the hand is killed). However, this also drains your cash substantially, and will also not work on units that cannot be sold like Meta-Knight or Onwin.

For a list of Demon Slayer units, go here.


  • The exceptions of the Demon Hand boss’s stun effect (don’t sleep even the boss is spawned): Farm units, Wish, Meta-Knight and Zazashi (PERFECTION) are special cases, as it is possible to spawn and control their Mech/Susano-o. However, the Mech/Susano-o cannot be summoned if they already fell asleep. The exceptions are made to help make the challenge possible in a multiplayer setting (It's possible to do it alone without a ridable damager)
  • This is the first mission located in the Trials area that doesn't have air enemies, likely due to there being no Demon Slayer units that can hit them The pattern was kept up even after the 1 Series Limit was lifted for all of Challenge 2, and the majority of Challenge 3.
  • Activated abilities are not able to be used when a unit is asleep (Timestop, Onwin boost, Range Boost, etc.)
  • The boss hand does not spawn on wave 16. Therefore, if you successfully killed all of them before wave 16, it is possible to use non-Demon Slayer units.
  • The units used most for this challenge are Sound-O-Sonic, Renitsu with his orb, Wild Animal\Wild Animal (Other), or Jackzon. A money tower is also needed such as Jeff (CEO), Bellma (SUPER Money Corp), or Sword (Maid) II. Meta-Knight, and Zazashi (PERFECTION) are also a good choice, but not if you plan to go alone. It's also recommended to bring Onwin for wave 16, as even alone, Enmu and Akaza have very high amounts of health.
  • One useful tactic for players using Suzaku is to take out the Demon hand bosses first in order to stop their sleeping effect every wave. The Demon hand bosses can be easily taken down by a clean Meta-Knight (without buffs or upgrades).

After your first victory, you will receive the Fire Rage Orb that boosts initial spawn damage by 2x/100% (each player can only have one).

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