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EXP IV is a 6-star single ground type unit that is designed to the used to as food to raise the levels of other characters rather than to be used in a game. It can only be obtained by evolving EXP III, getting from the Daily Spin with a 5% chance or by redeeming codes. 1 EXP IV will give a lvl 1 unit 37 levels. An estimate of 3~4 EXP IVs is needed to level up a unit to level 80.

EXP IV is evolved from EXP III using:

Required units: x2 EXP III x2 EXP II x2 EXP I

Stats Overview

Level 1
Level 175

Deployment -Cash.png200

  • Tower Type: Ground, Single
  • Damage: 300
  • Range: 15
  • SPA: 2
  • DPS: 150
EXP IV Attack GIF.gif

Upgrade 1 -Cash.png250

  • Damage: 400
  • Range: 15
  • SPA: 1.9
  • DPS: 210.53

Upgrade 2 -Cash.png500

  • Damage: 700
  • Range: 15
  • SPA: 1.6
  • DPS: 437.5
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EXP IV’s boost compared to its evolution requirements

The recipe for EXP IV is for x2 of each other EXP. However, you can evolve the EXP I and EXP IIs into a third EXP III, which gives a bigger level boost.

EXP III only. Levels EXP IV only. Levels Total # to max out.
15 EXP IIIs Level 80 5 EXP IVs Level 80 22 EXP IVs
34 EXP IIIs Level 120 11 EXP IVs Level 120
52 EXP IIIs Level 150 17 EXP IVs Level 150


1 x EXP IV fed to a Level 1 unit will raise that unit up to Level 37 and 1/2 a bar of experience.
Compared to EXP III where as...
3 x EXP III fed to a Level 1 unit will raise that unit up to Level 35.

So there is a small difference between feeding the two to a unit. EXP IIIs are useful as they can be fed to different units if required. EXP IVs are useful for keeping your inventory size down and getting a slight bit more in leveling.


  • Feeding with one EXP IV is equivalent to feeding a single unit 52+ banner units.
  • This unit is extremely good for beginners because of its super cheap price, low SPA and high DPS, outshining a lot of 4 stars. It's also very easy to obtain, only requiring 18 EXP I, hence about 6 Infinite runs to wave 30 which is really easy even for beginners with only Naruto and Goku. If you are a beginner, its recommended to keep this unit as a main damage dealer rather than feed it away, because most units that you will obtain in the near future change little when fed anyway and 90% chance they will be completely outclassed by this "secondary" unit.
  • EXP IV used to raise the level of units to 37. Because of the fact that this would mean evolving an EXP III to EXP IV would have barely any benefit, the developers had buff this unit at a currently unknown update.
  • Whatever map your using it on, depending on the color of the sky the glass part of it will be the same color as the sky due to it's chrome texture.
  • Like that of the EXP units, you can't feed these units, but you can level them up through playing matches.
  • EXP IV was made smaller on 4/9/22, and additionally had its portrait changed to scale with its size, as it was originally larger than a player's head. Its stats stayed the same, however.


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