Roblox: All Star Tower Defense Wiki

A variety of events have occurred over the history of the game. Below is a listing of the events and a brief description. A more in-depth detail of the event activities can be found via the link on each event.

Easter Challenge (15th May to Current)

The Easter Challenge is an event which is a map in which the enemies are all bunnies. Upon completion of the map, the player obtains a Spirit Egg which they can use to grow an Easter Egg, and hatch that Easter Egg for rewards.

A detailed listing of the Easter 2022 Event can be found here.

24kGoldn Event (21st March to 27th March 2022)

An officially sponsored Roblox and Gamefam collab that brings 24kGoldn into the world of All Star Tower Defense. Players must help out 24kGoldn by defeating thieves who are attempting to breach the city of gold. Players are taken to a 4 path map, with 3 different entrances. Enemies that appear here are: Rage, Decelerate, Regenerator, Flying, Powerful I and Powerful II. Unlike most maps however, there is no boss at all, just many, many enemies. Beating the event for the first time grants you a 24kGoldn unit and the event badge.

Rumbling Event (28th Feb to Mar 20th 2022)

Another event that doesn't correlate with an existing holiday. Players are put onto either the Protector team or the Warrior Team, and have to fight against hordes of water enchanted Colossal Titans, with attributes, including a new one, Rage. Once players reach a certain amount of points, self points and total points, they will be given their respective boxes. Contributing 500 points and your team's total score being 20% will give Crushed Box I. Contributing 15,000 points and your team's total score being 50% will give Crushed Box II. Contributing 40000 points and your team's total score being 80% will give Crushed Box III. Whichever team reaches the most points first will have ALL of their members obtain an additional character as a reward. The event can be located to the right of the summoning island of World 1, and to the left of the Adventure path in World 2. The wave count is 15, with the boss appearing on that wave. On 3/20/22 (or 20/3/22 for some), the event was removed. Players on the Warrior team were given Racky. Crushed Box 1 went on to give Angels Gate (Base), Crushed Box 2 gave Calm Maid, and Crushed Box 3 gave Flower Trainer, thus marking the end of the Rumbling Event.

Weapon Rush Minigame Info

A page detailing how the minigame Weapon Rush works.

Christmas 2021 Event (9th Dec 2021 to 1st Jan 2022)

This is the second Christmas event. New round of snow globe Capsules added. The main game area changed to a Christmas theme as well with a large Christmas Tree in the center of the main lobby. A mini-game was added in which which players could obtain presents from playing the game and return for a reward.

A detailed listing of the Christmas 2021 Event can be found here.

Halloween Event (12th Oct 2021 to 13th Nov 2021)

This is the second event with Capsules, where players could obtain Pumpkin Capsules buying it with robux or 15,000 candy. The main game area changed to a Halloween theme as well. A mini-game was added.. in which which players could purchase and equip weapons on their units and play rounds of attacking enemies. The overall theme was that of the Thriller Bark Arc from One Piece.

A detailed listing of the Halloween Event can be found here.

Capsule Event (24th Sept to 11th Oct 2021)

This was the first event in which Capsules were obtainable. It was also the first event to hold a dungeon.

A detailed listing of the Capsule Event can be found here.

Fruity's Sacrifice Event (2 Sept to 24th Sept 2021)

Fruit's Sacrifice Event consisted of a new area to the right of the summons in which a player could enter and sacrifice a unit in order to receive a random new skinned or new event unit. Players were split into three different coloured groups, and a leaderboard was shown based on players completing story mode missions. The winning team received a unit as a reward.

A detailed listing of the Fruity's Sacrifice Event can be found here.

Summerfest (25 July to 16 Aug 2021)

Summerfest was an event in which players could get tokens from playing story or infinite, etc modes of the games, and exchange these tokens for new skins. Presents were also available to be obtained via tokens.

A detailed listing of the Summerfest Event can be found here.

Christmas Event 2020 (12th Dec to 31 Dec 2020)

The Christmas Event was the first real event to be held in the game. It involved the users collecting three different presents, and only after the event ended where they able to open the presents, which revealed units.

A detailed listing of the Christmas 2020 Event can be found here.