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World 2 update: new banner (01.30.2022)

Hero Summon is an area in the lobby where players can obtain both primary and secondary characters with both gems and gold. Most units can be obtained from this banner other than exclusive units and 6 star units. It is located in the lobby across the Infinite Mode area. There is also a “Summon” button on the left side of the screen that teleport the player to the Hero Summon when clicked. The units in the banner change every hour. If a player is still summoning while a banner changes, they will receive units from the previous banner. There are 3 different Banners: X, Y and Z, with Banner X being always unlocked, Banner Y being unlocked after completing Ant Kingdom in Story Mode and Banner Z is only available on World 2. For some unknown reason, Legendary Broly and Assault Mode Meliodas are not obtainable from the Hero Banner; however they can still be evolved from their 4 star variants. In addition, there are ever changing Secret Units who have a 1/2000 chance of being obtained every spin, which currently is Eustass Kidd and Akira Fudo.

Banner Y often has better 5 stars, so usually people use banner Y more, although any 5-Star units that are not retired can appear on Banner Z.

The pity resets when you leave the server. Do ALL of your summons at once, or don't do them at all! Also there is NO PITY for Banner Z. Be careful on how you spend your emeralds!

Current summon

By going to the official All Star Tower Defense Discord, server members can track the banner every hour in #banner-public.

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This feature is currently not working due to a bug

Types of summons

GEMS HD 3.png Gem Summon

The Gem Summon is the main way to obtain primary characters. The gem Summon is separated into 2 parts, Banner X and Y, and both of them consist of one 5 star, two 4 stars and three 3 stars. Banner X is available to all players, while Banner Y can only be used by players who have beaten kingdom of ants. To make the game more balanced, banner X's units are always worse than banner Y. And once you have unlocked banner Y, you are free to switch between the 2 banners.

1 spin = Gems.png 50
10 spin = Gems.png 450
20 spin = Gems.png 900

1 spin = Gems.png 50 Gems 10 spin = Gems.png 450 Gems
★5 2%
★4 8%bX 10%bY
★4 8%bX 10%bY
★3 23%bY 25%bX
★3 27%bY 27%bX
★3 28%bY 30%bX
  • 5 stars always have a 2% chance of being obtained.
  • 4 stars always have a 8% chance of being obtained on banner X, Banner Y however has 10% chance of being obtained.
  • 3 stars have a 30, 27 and 25% chance of being obtained on banner X, however on banner Y, 23%, 27%, and 28% are the chances.

Pity System Calculations

The Pity System is a system that guarantees a player a 5-star after 59 summons. It only resets after a player spins 60 times, even if they get a 5-star before the 60th summon.

  • This only applies to the Gem Summon as there are no 5-stars that can appear in the Gold Summon, and it's disabled in the Emerald Summon.
  • Pity DOES NOT reset between banner switches, meaning you can summon 59 times on one Banner X/Y, and once the next Banner X/Y is released you can summon once and you will obtain the 5 Star for that Banner.
  • All 60 summons MUST BE done in a single server, as leaving the server will reset the pity system.
  • Side note: The chance of getting at least one 5 stars after 60 rolls is 100%-98%^60= around 70% which is relatively low considering the risk. Interestingly, you need a total of 350 rolls to have a 99,9% chance of getting at least a 5 star, so the pity system is quite overpowered.
Summon Cost Total pity cost
1x Gems.png 5050 Gems Gems.png 3,0003,000 Gems
10x Gems.png 450450 Gems Gems.png 2,7002,700 Gems
20x Gems.png 900900 Gems Gems.png 2,7002,700 Gems
10x : Saves 300 gems

Emeralds.png Emeralds Summon Info

The Emerald Summon is a summon exclusive to World 2. It requires emeralds, which can only be obtained by exchanging 50 gems for 25 emeralds, doing infinite mode, or by buying them. Unlike banners X and Y, any 5 stars can appear in this banner. 3 stars (except for Demonside) can not appear on this banner as 4 stars replaced 3 stars.

1 spin = Emeralds.png50
10 spins = Emeralds.png450

20 spins = Emeralds.png900
1 spin = Emeralds.png50 Emeralds 10 spin = Emeralds.png450 Emeralds
★6 1%
★5 7%
★5 9%
★4 25%
★4 28%
★4 30%

Coins hd.png Gold Summon Info

The Gold Summon consists of secondary units that are usually used to evolve primary units.

1 spin = Gold.png 150
10 spins = Gold.png 1,100
1 spin = Gold.png 150 Gold 10 spin = Gold.png 1,100 Gold
★4/3/2 35%
★4/3/2 25%
★4/3/2 25%
★4/3/2 15%
  • 4, 3 and 2 stars have a 35%, 25%, 25% and 15% chance to be obtained.

20x : Bonus capsule