Roblox: All Star Tower Defense Wiki

This is an article about Player Level in the game, for Units Level, go here Kunai Colors, they are based off of what your level is, below this is what the kunai colors and what your level needs to be for them.

Rank Level Color Kunai Picture
1 0-14 Bronze Bronze Kunai Rank (1).png
2 15-29 Silver Silver Rank.png
3 30-49 Gold Gold Rank.png
4 50-59 Crimson Crimson rank.png
5 60-69 Pink Pink Kunai2.png
6 70-79 Purple Purple Kunai.png
7 80-99 Cyan Sapphire Kunai.png
8 100+ Dark Blue Dark Blue Kunai.png


  • Your base's health will increase by 4 HP every level gained. (E.g: Level 100 = 400 HP + 100 Base HP = 500 HP)
  • Even if you glitch to a trial/raid/ challenge that you're not supposed to join yet, it will tell you that you need to be at a higher level to join it.
  • Every weekend, the amount of exp players get from completing a mission is doubled (x2 Exp Weekend).
  • It is advised to play story mode extreme when grinding exp as it gives the most exp out of every other mode.
  • At Level 15+, you will gain access to the PvP mode. At Level 30+, you will gain access to the Daily Spin and at Level 40+ you will gain access to Trading.