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This page is about the level of units. For player levels, visit Level Ranks.

How Leveling Works

In All Star Tower Defense there is a system to increase a unit's level using other units as fodder. You can feed units to others to gain xp for that unit, and raise its level. For units that deal damage, this increases the amount of damage dealt at all upgrades.

For units like Wish, Salesman, Sword (Maid) and Bellma (Money Corp), the money/HP that they give per wave is increased by an increasing amount per upgrade (Upgrade 0 is unaffected while the Max Upgrade is a noticeable improvement). This money/HP increase per unit level differs between the units, and you should check the unit page for these bonuses.

The current max level that a unit can achieve is 175.

Initially the max level that units could get was level 80. This was later raised to level 120, then to level 150 and later again to level 175. For each max level increase, it appears that the developers have changed the bonus at each max level increase.

As of 7th February 2022, the increase bonuses for damage dealing units is:

Units Bonuses per levels
Levels 1- 81 80 levels 1% bonus per level
Levels 82 - 121 40 levels 0.2875% bonus per level
Levels 122 - 151 30 levels 0.43666667% bonus per level
Levels 152 - 175 24 levels 0.4% bonus per level

To raise a unit's level, you need to feed multiple normal units to it. These fed units are then 'lost' and removed from your inventory. Generally people use lower star units as fodder to be 'fed'. There are a couple of other options to increase the amount of xp a unit gets from being 'fed' another unit. They are:

  • Feeding the same unit to itself gives x1.5 the normal xp.
  • Feeding an EXP unit gives a greater xp bonus, the higher rank the EXP unit, the larger the bonus.

As mentioned above, EXP units are designed to be 'fed' to raise unit's levels. For optimal use, it is best to evolve your EXPs into EXP IVs before feeding. See EXP unit pages or below tables for more detailed information.

  • EXP IV (Most XP)
  • New Unit's Level increased by (36 Levels)
  • EXP III (2nd Most XP)
  • New Unit's Level increased by (19 Levels)
  • EXP II (2nd Least XP)
  • New Unit's Level increased by (10 Levels)
  • EXP I (Least XP)
  • New Unit's Level increased by (6 Levels)


Strategies to obtain EXP units from playing Infinite Mode.

Strategy 1 (For beginners):

Play Infinite Mode and sell your units at wave 20 to purposefully lose. You earn 2 EXP units doing this strategy.

Strategy 2:

Play Infinite Mode (Extreme) and intentionally lose at:

Wave 10

  • 3 EXP units
  • around 6 mins


Wave 20

  • Guaranteed 1 EXP III
  • around 11 mins

Strategy 3 (For high levels):

Play Infinite Mode (Extreme) and try to auto skip all the way to wave 70. It is suggested to play with duo for this strategy to maximize waves cleared. You can check our Infinite Mode Units Tier List (sometimes might be outdated) or in the discord server to find good units to use.

It takes around 40mins to finish 1 run with meta units. You get a guaranteed 1 EXP IV and some leftovers upon evolving all EXPs. You need to have good units and level 50+ (To be able to bring 6 units).


  • Food Island / regular 2 map is recommended for these strategies.
  • For strategies 1 and 2:
    • Place units in the back so that you can lose more quickly upon selling your units as the enemies are closer to base.
    • Selling your units before the wave you want to intentionally lose will always guarantee that you lose at the desired wave.
    • Units that slow down, stops, rewinds, etc. are not recommended for these strategies.
    • Jenos (Overdrive) and Uru (Master) is recommended.


  • When doing Infinite Mode (or Farming Mode), you should already know that every 10 waves, you get an EXP. You should also note that there’s a 90% chance to get an EXP I, and a 10% chance to get EXP II. If you save up enough, you should have enough to evolve multiple smaller EXP's into an EXP III.
  • If for some reason you want to know about the evolutions, here’s a brief description:
    • EXP I = Only from Gold Summons or Infinite Mode
    • EXP II = 2x EXP I or 10% chance on Infinite Mode
    • EXP III = 3x EXP II
    • EXP IV = 3x EXP III
  • 2 EXP I for 1 EXP II
  • 6 EXP I for 1 EXP III
  • 18 EXP I for 1 EXP IV

If you really want to know more about Evolutions, go here.

Additional Notes and Trivia

  • When you evolve a unit, the levels of the required units will carry on to the unit you get from evolving. For example, if you evolve a level 80 Salesman, you will get a level 80 Pride.
  • You can use /e evolve to auto-evolve all EXP I and EXP II to EXP III, although not reliable.
  • Wish & Bellma (Money Corp) have a different scale on how they get buffed by levels, also did you know that Onwin’s buff only strengthens every time he levels up by 2? For example, Onwin’s buff effect won’t change at all, if he only levels up once. For example, if Erwin was level 51, his buff would be the same equivalent as a level 50 Erwin, which is an odd anomaly within the game.
  • You need exactly 21 EXP IV, 1 EXP III, 2 EXP II and 1 EXP I to max out a unit from level 0.