Roblox: All Star Tower Defense Wiki

PvP (known as "Battle" in World II) is a gamemode in the game which players compete to see who can defend their base from enemies the longest. The PVP area is located in the Infinite Mode area in World I and has it's own area in World II. You need to be level 15+ to get access to the gamemode. Once you enter the area you will be pulled into a matchmaking lobby where you can join a queue to find an opponent. Once found, both players will be sent to a colosseum like map that is symmetrical. The match is complete once one player’s base lowers to zero HP.

Winners of matches that go past wave 10 in a match will receive Gems.png12 and the loser will receive Gems.png3. On April 3, 2021, 2v2 PvP matches were also added. In update 14, the developers added a new map for PvP, which is based on Marineford from One Piece.

PvP Shop

You can purchase bosses from the PvP Shop with either Gems.pngGems or Gold.png Coins. Bosses can only be purchased once and can then be equipped similar to towers. These bosses will also have similar powers as they do when fought in PvP. Bosses can be used by clicking on the boss button on the left side of your screen in a battle. A good strat with bosses is spamming Godus until they lose.

Picture Name Shop Cost Summon Cost Ability
PvP Godus.png Godus Gems.png1,250 Cash.png2,000 God Sneeze - Deals 25 damage to the enemy base and stuns all enemy towers
PvP Dark Magician .png Dark Magician Gems.png500 Cash.png500 Dark Magic - Stuns all enemy towers
PvP Ketchup.png Ketchup Gems.png750 Cash.png1,500 Toxic Gas - Deals 7 damage to the enemy base every tick
PvP Stolen One.png Stolen One Gold.png 1,500 Cash.png500 Slam - Stuns enemy towers in a nearby radius
PvP Double.png Double Gold.png 1,500 Cash.png1,500 Cloner - Duplicates upon death
Borul (Boss).png Borul Emeralds.png1,500 Cash.png1,450 Rage - Goes faster the lower HP enemy is

PvP Ranks

PvP Ranks are determined by the players Elo. Players start at Bronze with an Elo of 100 and gain or lose 3-15 points per match depending on if they win or lose. Leaving early still takes away Elo so it is ill-advised. There are a total of six ranks.

PvP Awards

On the 26th update, players were rewarded for their certain ranks in PvP with skins of buffed units which can be seen below:


Ranks and their info
Rank Number Rank Points Required
1 Bronze 0-169
2 Silver 170-329
3 Gold 330-499
4 Platinum 500-639
5 Diamond 640-899
6 Champion 900+