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Raids are modes unlocked at level 50 that are designed to be played with 8 players. They are like Trials and are located in the Serpent's Way as well, they reward players with units, orbs, or a mount (in the case of Raid 2 Extreme) if beaten. You need to beat 15 waves to be eligible to access the next raid, using the same idea for Trials . Raids give a lot of exp for player levels. The units given are not the best considering that level 50+ players are late game players (This excludes Hammer Giant, since its required to get Airren (Final)

Raid Requirement Boss Anime Reward
1 Lvl 50 Legendary Leader (Madara) Naruto
ORB Beast-M Scaling Orb
Beast-M Scaling Orb.png Initial-DMG 200%
Upgrade-DMG 250%
Require Mikato (Beast Cloak)
2 Lvl 60 Titanic Giant (Colossal Titan) Attack on Titan Blimp mount (Extreme)
3 Lvl 68 Undertaker (Overhaul) My Hero Academia

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