Roblox: All Star Tower Defense Wiki
Put in comments your All Star Tower Defense Team and players will rate your team
This is a good way of figuring out what you need to change and how good your team is.
What most good teams contain:

Main damage with range/fire rage orb, Sub damage with fire, a slowing unit, support unit (Either Erwin with bomb orb or Bulma 5 star), Speedwagon

If you are rating someone's team, make sure you tell them what they should change and what they should keep.
Adding a rating such as 5/10 or a 7/10 requires telling them what units should be kept and get rid of or summon/equip for. You can also tell them which orbs to equip or get rid of it too.
For example

For this I could give it a rating of 2/10 and say that they should try to replace Frieza 5 star with Uru 6 star and Evolve Luffy to his 6 star and get the Snake orb for air mobs, Get some ground unit or support unit in there like Erwin or Black Beard 6 , I would say for All Might, you can trade stuff for good units like Madara but then you should look at the trading tier list so you do not get scammed. Replace Deku with Erwin. Evolve the Bulma to the 5 star. But this team is trash for a level 33 player, as it contains both a not-great ground unit and a pretty bad hill unit but since he played from the time when all might was in the game I suspect he has better units. For his level, this is a 2/10. The modern teams for lower levels have been much better since the team was created. But I think this team is outdated and modern 4 stars and some 3 stars team are definitely better than this.