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Trials are special missions in All Star Tower Defense that requires players to be of a certain level to play. Many people seem to misspell Trials and say "Trails". When completed, each trial rewards the player with a 5-star unit. When completed in Extreme Mode, Trials will also give an exclusive Orb in addition to a 5-star unit.

Current trials

Trial Level required Possible enemies Trial boss Anime Reward
Trial 1

(Snake Way)

Lvl 25+ May be any currently released unit in the game, except for event characters, all 6 stars, EXP characters, and Christmas Gifts. Godus Dragon Ball
ORB Golden-F Scaling Orb
Golden-F Scaling Orb.png Initial-DMG 200%
Upgrade-DMG 650%
Require Golden Supreme-Leader
Trial 2


Lvl 35+ Heart Tank Yoshaga Kiryu JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Bomba Orb.png

Bomba Orb
ORB Bomba Orb
Bomba Orb.png Initial-DMG 30%
(King Of Heroes Gilgamesh by only 6%)
Require All units
Trial 3


Lvl 45+ mrflimflam string clones. MrFlimFlam One Piece

Cost Orb.png

Cost Orb
ORB Cost Orb
Cost Orb.png Lowers the deployment
cost of a unit by $100.
Require All units

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