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Whitestache (Final) is a 6-star ground and cone/full AoE type unit based on the character Whitebeard from the anime One Piece during his fight with Blackbeard. The only way to get him is by evolving Whitestache. While Whitestache is a ground unit, his ability 'Family Over All' can damage air units.

Whitestache (Final) was also given a unit-exclusive orb on July 4, 2021, that buffs his inital damage by 180% and upgrade damage by 1,500%. This orb can be found at the Orbs page.

Required units 2 x Whitestache 4 x Pirate Agent 3 x Pirate Agent III 2 x Pirate Agent IV 1 x Pirate Agent V
Whitestache (Final)
Quake Orb.png Initial-DMG 180%

Upgrade-DMG 1,500%

Crafting in the Orb Shop with
Material GodFlowers.png
Material GodFlowers.png
Material GodTear.png
Material GodTear.png
Material UnknownDNA.png
Material UnknownDNA.png
Require Whitestache (Final)

Stats Overview

Level 1 - Active
Level 175

Deployment -Cash.png650

  • Tower Type: Ground, AoE (Cone)
  • Damage: 120
  • Range: 25
  • SPA: 5
  • DPS: 24

Upgrade 1 -Cash.png500

  • Damage: 200
  • Range: 25
  • SPA: 5
  • DPS: 40

Upgrade 2 -Cash.png1,000

  • Damage: 300
  • Range: 25
  • SPA: 5
  • DPS: 60

Upgrade 3 -Cash.png2,500

  • Damage: 420
  • Range: 29.2
  • SPA: 6
  • DPS: 70
  • +AOE Earthquake!
  • Attack type changes to Full AoE
  • Summons a tsunami over certain amounts of time. The tsunami’s health is 2x Whitestache’s damage.

Upgrade 4 -Cash.png2,500

  • Damage: 570
  • Range: 29.2
  • SPA: 6
  • DPS: 95

Upgrade 5 -Cash.png3,000

  • Damage: 993
  • Range: 29.2
  • SPA: 6
  • DPS: 165.5
  • Special ability that deals full AoE damage to both ground and air enemies in Whitestache’s range. The attack deals 5x Whitestache’s damage and also summons a large steamroller tsunami.
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Whitestache (Final) can summon a tsunami, which is a steam-roller type attack that starts at the defending area and moves along the path slowly to the enemy spawning point. Whenever it hits an enemy, it deals damage to the enemy equal to its current HP, and also takes damage based on the enemy’s HP. It stops when it reaches the end or its HP are reduced to zero. A tsunami spawns every 120 seconds for each max upgrade Whitestache on the field. However, Whitestache needs to perform an attack for the tsunami to spawn. So if the enemies have managed to pass Whitestache, you cannot rely on a tsunami coming to clean them up. The tsunami starts at 800 HP for a level one Whitestache. Raising Whitestache’s level once also raises the HP of his spawned tsunamis by eight. Every time he levels up, that 800 HP gets multiplied by 1.01x. Despite an increase in attack damage, Whitestache (Final)'s tsunami damage does not increase with the use of an Orb.

  • Level one tsunami = 800 HP
  • Level 80 tsunami = 1,432 HP


Whitestache Family Over All Icon.png

When at max level, Whitestache (Final Stand), has the ability called 'Family Over All', which is a manually activated ability. This ability deals an AoE (Full) attack of damage equal to the sum of Whitestache's damage state and level to ground and air units. This ability also summons a massive tsunami, which appears larger than the normal tsunamis, and has x6 the HP of a normal tsunami. This ability has a cool-down of 120 seconds. It is also worth nothing that while his normal tsunamis' damage does not change despite an equipped Orb, the giant tsunami's damage does.

  • Level one large tsunami = 4,800 HP (15,215 HP with orb)
  • Level 80 large tsunami = 8,592 HP (27,236 HP with orb)


  • Whitestache (Final) was the only 6-star unit to ever appear in the X-banner, although it happened before different versions of the Hero Summon were added. This was an accident, and the game was shut down minutes after the owners saw it. Mechanical and The boys were the first 6-star units that could be summoned from the banner without glitches, with a 1/2000 (0.05%) chance from either banner.
  • Whitestache (Final) was the fourth 6-star unit added to the game.
  • On March 8, 2022, his max damage was increased by 193.


Troops sell for half their cost of deployment plus upgrades.


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